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Masaka Katsura

Masako Katsura is the first lady of billiards. She is well-known for a Japanese Carrom billiards player. She was most active in the 1950 and Blaze a trial for women in the sports sector by the company among the best in male dominant professional billiards. Their nickname was cat c and specifically known for blood player. She was the first lady of billiards and learn this game from her brother-in-law. She married to United States Army non-Commission officer katsura in 1950. She immigrated to the United States in the next year 1950 and inverted to play in the United States concert world 3 question Championship. In this competition, she played fiercely and get in the title of 7th position in the Championship.

In the 1950 Japanese women’s image Masako Katsura took the billiards world by the hell Storm through this she made her name more popular in the male terminated sports of billiards. Through this game, she has gained so much popularity and fame. After she has gained so much payment popularity cut Surah went on the exhibition with two Champions named as Welker Cochran and willie Hoppe.

In the year of 1954, she again completed the championships and take the fifth and four ranks. Through these games, she made near about 30 exhibition appearances in the year of 1958 and then she went on a one-week exhibition engagement after 1958 with Harold worst.

Life and career:

Masako Katsura was born on 7th March 1913 in Tokyo Japan. She has been her childhood in Japan only. She has three sisters and a brother. When Masako Katsura was 12 years old her dad died and then she live with her sister and her husband. Masako Katsura’s sister’s husband Tomio was a billiard parlour owner and hence through this career has got an initial spark. When she was 13 she was used to spending her time with her brother in laws belief at room and when she was 14 she was working as an attended in there. To me was a fine player and he taught and encourage Masako Katsura to be a fundamental work with this. He has taught every element of credit. Tomio also had a table of the period at home full stop when she showcase her interest in this game of billiards her family gifted her a table through which she practised every day. With the help of this table, she used to practice every day and later on that she started comparing against Japanese men. When she was 15 she won the women’s Championship tournament in Japan after she trained under professionally and gain professional training and begin to ring with her sister all over the country. After so much contribution towards the billiard, game MK has appeared on the CBSE popular television show what’s my line. The format of the game was to ask a question and get a game in which, a panel attempted to analyse the line. Through this, she get an unpredictable same


At the time of 1947, Masako Katsura got on the eye of American serviceman commissioner Mr green leaf. He was a Commissioner in the United States and have no linkage between the Masako Katsura champions and everything. He was a master sergeant in the United States Army and worked for the US Army for 22 years. Masako Katsura and Mr green leaf made it into a cure for the first time when she was giving billiard exhibitions. On November 30 1950 they married. During their marriage and two second-place finishes at the Championship just one year prior to their marriage. In the year of 1951 married Mr Greenleaf. In the year 1951 Mr green leaf was transferred to the United State post from Tokyo as they both are very less English spoken individuals they said sale to the United States on the uses. Just before the Masako Katsura Championship in 1952 on 6 March, they immigrated to the United State. Arriving in United State Masako Katsura gives a private exhibition for Mr Cochran who makes to ensure that she was as good as reported.


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