3 ton AC unit with Heat Pump

3 ton AC unit with Heat Pump Advantages

So you’re staring down the prospect of a 3 ton AC unit with a heat pump, either at the behest of your trusted HVAC technician or because a research-rabbit hole brought you there.

Whatever the case, you’re here, so let’s answer some questions.

First, what are some high-level benefits of an AC-unit-heat pump system?

Greater Efficiency

Generally speaking, heat pumps are very energy efficient, especially when it comes to producing heat.

Sure, they’re not as powerful as gas furnaces that rely on combustion, but in terms of turnaround between energy-in and heating-energy-out, heat pumps are pretty good.

That has the potential to save you some money, especially if you don’t live in a particularly cold area that requires a lot of heating.

Longer Unit Lifespan

Heat pumps are amazingly long-lived, at least by the standards of most dedicated air conditioning units and gas furnaces.

While most furnaces will call it quits after 15 or 20 years at the most, some heat pumps can last significantly longer – up to 30 years or even more. Some sources even suggest that heat pumps can last as long as 50 years.

Air conditioners typically last between 10 and 15 years but they can last longer if they are exceptionally well maintained. Still, considering the fact that a heat pump can offer both heating and cooling power, the heat pump’s longer lifespan is even more impressive.

3 ton ac unit with heat pump cost

Lower Maintenance

Both air conditioners and gas furnaces should be serviced by a professional HVAC technician at least once per year, and many professionals will tell you that they should be serviced even more frequently.

You’ll still need to service your heat pump judiciously, with some suggesting once per year – but if you’re regular about it, you can probably go a few years between service calls.

Extra Cooling Power

The great thing about a heat pump that is paired with an air conditioner is that it will be able to offer you additional cooling power.

Not only can the heat pump itself offer you cooling power in the warmer months, but it should come as a surprise to exactly no one that a dedicated air conditioner can do the same and even more efficiently.

Can Be Equipped with Heat Strips

One of the great things about a 3 ton AC unit with a heat pump is that you may be able to equip the system with electric heat strips if you find that it’s not providing enough heating power.

Electric heat strips aren’t the most powerful option, but they can be used to supplement the power of a heat pump or a heat pump split system if they can be tacked on.

Not the Best for Colder Climates

One thing you do need to know is that AC units paired to heat pumps are not the best option for those that live in colder climates.

While the dual cooling power of the heat pump and air conditioner should be adequate to keep things cool in the heat, without the power of a gas furnace, a heat pump might not be adequate to keep things warm in more northerly climes.

Instead, a dual fuel system (one with a heat pump and a gas furnace) might be a better option, as might a gas pack (a gas-electric packaged unit).

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