Shalini Kandukuri Biography

Shalini Kandukuri, who is also known as Shalini Reddy, is an Indian woman with an (masters in business administartions) MBA who works as a human resource manager for a large corporation. After her marriage to South Indian actor Nitin Kumar Reddy, she became well-known and garnered media attention.

Early Years of the Shalini kandukuri:

Shalini Kandukuriwas born on September 27, 1989, and raised in Kandukur, Andhra Pradesh, in a middle-class Hindu family. As of 2021, Shalini Kandukuri is 32 years old and identifies as a Hindu.

She shown an early interest in academic pursuits. She attended St. Mary’s High School in her hometown for her early education before moving to London for her postsecondary studies.

For her Masters in Business Administration, Shalini enrolled at the University of London and also completed the same with great zest.Career As of 2021, it is known that she works for a multinational corporation as a human resource manager.

Physical Information:

Shalini Kandukuri is 55 kg tall and measures 5′ 4″ feet (162 centimetres) in height (Approximately).

Body Statistics for Shalini Kandukuri will not be discussed here, but height details will be covered in this article.

Family \Parents:

Shalini Kandukuri’s parents are both doctors, and according to accounts, she is her parents’ only child and the only child she has ever known. Due to her extreme secrecy over her personal life, there is no other information accessible c

Shalini, the wife, is wed to Nithiin, a well-known actor from the south of India. After nearly 5 years of dating, the pair announced their engagement on February 15, 2020, in Hyderabad. Concerning her family.

Before the engagement, despite the fact that they had known each other for nine years, their relationship remained private. This, according to insiders, was Shalini’s decision not to disclose her private life to the media.

Nithiin claims that their relationship was not at all like what is depicted in movies; neither was there a “love at first sight” scenario or any resistance from either party’s relatives.Nithiin made the decision to spend the rest of his life with Shalini after meeting her.

The ceremony, which was originally scheduled for April 2020 but was postponed to July owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, took place on July 26, 2020, in Hyderabad.

Shalini Kandukuri earns 150k Indian Rupees each month and has a net worth of more than 20 crore INR. (Approximately).

MBA graduate Shalini Reddy has a lot of talent. This London-based girl was born in Hyderabad. Since she became engaged to intelligent actor Nithiin in February 2020, she has attracted a lot of attention. Their nuptials are scheduled for April 16, 2020.

  • Shalini Reddy’s fascinating personal history
  • Actor Nithiin’s former lover Shalini is now his wife.
  • She never fails to show her affection for pets.
  • Samantha is a well-known actress who enjoys watching movies.

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