Jobs that pay well: 3 Jobs List Here

jobs that pay well
jobs that pay well

Going to a 4-year University is an amazing experience for young people. It teaches them mini lessons about life, fills their minds with amazing knowledge that they will use for the rest of their lives.

Also prepares them to enter the job market with the presumption of Unfortunately many young people today go through a college education and graduate only to find that their degree cannot get them a job in their field that will support themselves.

However there are many other jobs that can be pursued at a university or via an online degree that are high-paying and in demand.  

Here are a few of the jobs that pay well for young people to consider where there will always be employment available

1.  Good paying jobs : Software Engineer

We are all aware of the technology growth in every business. Most companies are now implementing online transactions and develop applications to provide a better service to their consumers.

That’s why tech jobs such as software engineers, web developers, and database administrators are continuously increasing in demand.

A salary of a software engineer really looks appealing for most as the range can go from $70K to $295K annually with other additional compensation and great benefits.

However, if you’re going to pursue this career just for money, it will be a terrible choice.

A software engineer is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining a software so it requires excellent programming and logical skills. One must also be creative and knows how to work with a team.

Most companies require a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or any-related course for every potential candidate of this job.

2. Highest paying jobs: Online Marketing Manager

As businesses in every industry have been met with increased competition from across the country and around the world, the marketing activities of most companies has currently moved online.

This allows for marketing to be more thorough and faster enabling a company to touch people in all parts of the world simultaneously.

In order to do this effectively, marketers need to have a new set of tools and thinking, ones that are focused on how consumers think and act today.

At the heart of consumer marketing is the internet and mobile and marketing and utilizing these mediums requires a special type of marketing manager.

An online marketing manager utilizes the Internet and mobile along with specific tools and marketing strategies to engage customers and positively position the company’s brand, products, and services to those customers.

Many current marketing managers who were trained in traditional marketing now take online marketing courses to learn this new style of marketing.  

They continue in their current jobs study online and get certified with a digital marketing diploma that confirms and the stand the expertise needed for online marketing.

Online marketing manager jobs at larger corporations typically start with six figure salaries and healthy bonuses if their marketing campaigns are successful.

3. Jobs that pay well: Business Development Manager

Every company today needs to have a team focused specifically on new business development and that team needs to be headed by a competent business development manager.

This professional’s job is to set the strategy for locating new clients that fit into the target profile of the company.  

The person must also create a strategy including marketing tools that resonate with new potential clients.

A large part of the focus of a business development manager will be online because the majority of the customers the company will seat to engage spend a significant Time online.

There will be a particular focus on social media because potential customers likely love these environments.

The average base salary for a business development manager is slightly less than $100,000 a year, and with lots of successful experience that salary can rise quickly.

These are only two of many newer high paying jobs available, Students should do their research before they set their school majors to make sure they get a degree in an in-demand field.


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