Common Topics and Questions in IELTS Speaking Test

ielts speaking test
ielts speaking test

IELTS Speaking Test

Looking for some IELTS Speaking topics for practice? Here, during this article, we’ve got you lined. Notice a group of queries for all the three elements of the Speaking section.

On high of that, notice some essential tips which can assist you to prepare higher. So, area unit you prepared for a few speaking practice?

Here are some common topics and questions in the IELTS speaking test mentioned by the best overseas education consultants to help you in preparation.

Questions in IELTS Speaking Test

Duration: eleven to fourteen minutes 

The Speaking check can evaluate your ability to speak in English. The check can take between eleven and fourteen minutes and can contain you discussing a spread of subjects with an IELTS examiner.

Your examination can surface during an exceedingly in a quiet area with a bureaucrat who can urge you to speak the maximum amount as doable.

Unlike an AI examination, an IELTS examiner will cause you to feel comfy and assured.

they will additionally comprehend your accent, making certain you earn the very best doable score. The Speaking check is split into three sub-elements.

Part 1                                                              

The bureaucrat can raise broad questions about yourself also as a spread of common themes together with home, family, career, studies, and interests.

This phase lasts for four to five minutes.

Part 2 

You will be bimanual a task card and asked to talk on an explicit topic by the examiner.

You’ll run one minute to arrange before truly speaking for up to 2 minutes to complete this section of the examination, the examiner can raise one or 2 issues on a constant topic.

Part 3

In Part 2, you’ll be asked further questions about the subject. These queries can assist you to speak concerning a lot of advanced ideas and issues.

This section of the check lasts four to five minutes.

Duration: four to five minutes

The bureaucrat can prompt you to mention your name and gift your identity partly one of the examinations. Following that, you’ll be asked basic questions about you, like wherever you reside and what you’re doing currently (working or studying).

You will next run questions about a spread of acquainted themes, like your favorite music, cuisine, the weather, or movies.

In most cases, you’ll be questioned concerning one or 2 themes.

The bureaucrat can raise ready queries and hear your answers, urging you to prolong your response with a “why?” or “why not?” if it’s too temporary.

This section of the communication uses a question-and-answer vogue to assess your ability to convey ideas and knowledge concerning common subjects by being responsive to a spread of queries.

Duration: three to four minutes

Following half one, the examiner can assign you a subject and raise you to talk on that for one to a pair of minutes.

The topics are going to be bestowed to you on a card, together with a sheet of paper and a pencil for taking notes.

On the cardboard, you’ll notice the speaking prompt also as many topics you’ll discuss in your presentation.

Before you speak, you’ll have exactly one minute to arrange and take notes. Once your minute’s area unit up, the examiner can use a timer to send word to you.

The examiner can inform you once to start your presentation and can inform you that you simply are going to be stopped once a pair of minutes.

The task card scores can assist you to admit what to mention, and you must try to speak for the complete pair of minutes.

Before moving on to the subsequent section, they’ll raise an issue concerning what you’ve got declared.

This section of the communication examines your ability to speak at length on a particular topic whereas exploitation corrects language and organizing your thoughts logically.

You’ll employ your own data of the topic to help you end the long flip.

Duration: four to five minutes

The queries partly three are going to be associated with the broad theme that you simply mentioned partly a pair of you’ll dialogue the difficulty in an exceedingly a lot of general and abstract manner. Demonstrating to the bureaucrat that you simply will articulate and make a case for your ideas, also as analyze, discuss, and hypothesize on the subject in larger depth.

If your drawn-out flip was a few beautiful locations to go to in your town, this half may begin with discussing concerning stunning places, and therefore the initial question can be, “Do you think it’s vital to stay dazzling places in cities?”

In this portion, the bureaucrat can speak with you longer and should raise you to defend your thoughts to gauge however effectively you’ll communicate abstract ideas compared to the private subjects you mentioned in elements one and a pair of.

Part three assesses your ability to articulate and makes a case for your ideas; also as analyze, discuss, and hypothesize on a spread of topics associated with the topic you mentioned partly a pair of.

Some of the common topics mentioned for IELTS speaking check:-

  • Work. What’s your job? …
  • Study. What does one study? …
  • Hometown. Wherever is your hometown? …
  • Home. Wherever is your home? …
  • Art. Area unit you sensible at art? …
  • Birthdays. Does one fancy your birthdays? …
  • Computers. Does one usually use a computer? …
  • Daily Routine. Once does one sometimes get on my feet within the morning?

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