Choti Sardarni Written Update

choti sardarni written update
choti sardarni written update

Watch Choti Sardarni Written Update on every Monday to stay updated on the latest developments. The serial has been aired in Hindi language on popular TV channels.

You can also read the complete novel from the author’s website. This is the first published book of the series. A summary of the story is available here. In the next episode, Karan and Seher discuss their day and decide whether to fight or not.

The episode begins with Seher telling Rajveer that she used to love him and reminds her of Kunal’s death.

Seher attempts to make Rajveer understand that he is his past self and that he loves her. She is nearly hit by a car, but Rajveer saves her from falling.

The next episode of Choti Sardarni will reveal more twists and turns as the characters struggle to cope with life without Kunal.

Choti sardarni cast

The story continues with Meher and Sarab’s conflict for custody of Param. Initially, Meher is devastated to leave Param with Sarab, and was extremely restless about the week without him.

She told Harleen that she would wake him up to go to the toilet, but Harleen reassured her that her son will be fine.

While she was heartbroken, she is eventually able to convince her to return to Serbia and take care of Param.

In the upcoming episode, Rajveer and Seher will move out of the house and start a new life in the village. They will try to lead a simple life, but they will have to work hard to earn their livelihood.

The upcoming episode is full of twists and turns, and you will enjoy every minute of it. So, be sure to watch Choti Sardarni, to find out more.

After the wedding, Sarab and Meher take Karan to the hall, and the two of them meet again. As they were leaving, Sarabjit and Meher both told Meher that they are going to lose Karan.

This is a sad moment in the plot of Choti Sardaarni. In this episode, they fall in love and get married. Throughout the movie, they continue to love each other and become more involved in each other’s lives.

The second episode of Choti Sardarni is a romantic drama in which Meher loses her eyes. In the third episode, she is discovered to be in love with Rajveer.

The two begin to fall in love, but Param is unsure about the feelings. The episode ends with Meher’s wedding day being ruined. Meanwhile, the marriage of the two young lovers ends in a bittersweet divorce.

Choti sardarni character

The third episode of Choti Sardarni is a romantic comedy. It revolves around the life of a married couple. During the fourth episode, Meher is told that her husband has died.

Then, she is confronted with the truth. The family members of Meher are shocked to learn that he has been dead for two weeks. Then, the drama progresses to a climax when Rajveer leaves the hospital with the divorce papers he holds over her.

The fourth episode of “Choti Sardarni” begins with a phone call from Kulwant. When she hears this, she realizes that her husband has returned.

However, this makes her feel unloved and frustrated. She isn’t ready to accept her husband’s love. Instead, she feels the need to get her own independence.

And when she finds out that Meher is still alive, she asks her husband about his frequent phone calls.

In the third episode, Meher and Karan argue and try to convince each other to get back together. However, both of them are in love and Sarab is not able to accept their feelings for her.

While they both want to be happy, they both have different reasons for wanting to get back together. Therefore, they try to separate.

This is the most dramatic episode of the show. But, despite the romantic aspect of the show, Karan and Meher are not able to get along.

At The End

A misunderstanding arises between the two. They do not understand why each other is acting in the same way. They blame the other for everything and are both afraid to admit their feelings.

The first scene is a romantic one. But the second episode is an emotional one. A happy marriage is a happy family. A successful marriage requires a strong family. If you’re planning to get married, then make sure that you’re in love.


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