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Here’s the list of 20 best free websites to watch cartoons online!

The wonderful old days when you had to sit in front of the TV for hours to watch one episode of Tom & Jerry are long gone. Kids nowadays grow up watching their favourite cartoons on their laptops or tablets because we are in the era of modern technology. The best part of these platforms is that you can watch cartoons online & have a variety of options.

Children may have desired to watch a replay of any episode whenever they want for as many times as they wanted back then. With the development of technology and the Internet in every place, you can watch from any location, even while traveling.If you want to watch cartoons online on mobileand enjoy every minute of your time, you need to know the top websites which are secure.

Here the article has listed the 20 Free cartoons online websites to watch. Which will be beneficial for you & your kid.

  • WatchCartoonOnline

There are many cartoons and anime films on the website, which are dedicated to kids. Use the search bar to look for your favourite cartoons by brand or title. You are not required to pay a single penny to watch any cartoon or anime you want. In simple words, it is totally free.

  • Cartoon Network

If you remember, you, as a kid, watched cartoons on TV, then there was a channel named Cartoon Network. Similar to that, there are many crystal-clear, thrilling cartoon movies available on the Cartoon Network website that are free to see or download without any problems. The website also added a new feature to it for users.

  • Supercartoons

When you visit the homepage of supercartoons, you’ll notice the most popular cartoons, which will make it simpler for you to decide what to watch.

  • Nickelodeon

Another outstanding website where you may view the best cartoons is Nickelodeon. Check out the website for thrilling, fantastic & free cartoons online. In addition to cartoon films, this website also offers shows and playable games. You can watch cartoons online for free without any worry. It is created by the renowned Nickelodeon TV channel and offers all of the cartoons that are broadcast on the primary TV channel to its viewers.

  • Comedy Central

This portal provides cartoons, which are created to make children joyful and animated. Best-selling animated films are available for free access. Yes, all of the animated films you’ll find on this site are available for free viewing.You may also watch on a variety of devices. You can get well-known animated shows like South Park, and more.

  • Kiss Cartoon

Kiss Cartoon is the ideal website for fans of cartoons and anime. There is a list of both cartoons and anime on the website, and you can watch cartoons online for free.You can access another website while staying on the main page by clicking the “Anime list” link. You can look for series on both websites by genre and status.

  • Disney Junior

A great website to watch cartoons online is Disney Junior, which has a great user experience. The user interface is responsive, attractive, and simple to use. Any Disney cartoon, such as Mickey Mouse and many others, can be viewed on this website.

  • Voot Kids

Numerous unique Indian masterpieces are included in Voot Kids. Young children are the target audience for both the website and its mobile-friendly app. The material itself is very kid-friendly. The website offers access to well-known international cartoons like Pokemon, and the animated Mr. Bean show in addition to well-known Indian cartoons like Motu and Patlu, ChotaBheem, etc.

  • South Park

There are several cartoon series available on this website that you would not discover easily. You can watch whatever brand of cartoons you like from Disney, Nickelodeon, and other networks. The website’s clean, attractive interface and lack of intrusive pop-up ads are its best features.

  • ToonJet

ToonJet offers a wide selection of vintage cartoons that takes you back in time. Such as Tom & Jerry, Mickey Mouse, and many others. Also, it gives a notification for the newly uploaded cartoon to the one who visited them.

  • Hulu

Hulu Watch Cartoon is another reputable website where you can watch cartoons for free online. Most people choose it since it is quick, really easy to use, and offers everyone high-quality videos.The only issue is that not all regions in the world have access to Hulu. The only countries with access to the website are the US, Japan, and the UK.

  • YouTube

It should come as no surprise that it has been dubbed the king of internet videos given the millions of users that visit it daily. Using YouTube anyone can watch cartoons online. You can find all the cartoons and anime shows you desire on YouTube. Using the search bar, you can locate a single episode of your favourite animated programe or the entire season.

  • OVGuide

OVGuide membership has benefits in addition to free access to the best anime and cartoons online. You may bookmark your favourite shows, receive tailored suggestions based on the programes you’ve watched, and more by registering.

  • Cartoonito

Another well-known website where users can view and download cartoons for free is Cartoonito. It is perfect for kids who want to interact and learn something useful all at the same time. By tapping the screen and selecting the episodes you want, you can get videos here.

  • Vimeo

You can view cartoon videos on Vimeo, another well-known service for cartoon videos. However, the people who also visit the website frequently upload these comic videos. You can therefore find cartoon videos that interest you if you take the time to do a thorough search, and you can always submit them for others to view.

  • Anime Toon

If you are looking to watch the most famous cartoon series you are at the right place. At AnimeToon you can watch cartoon series such as One piec, fairy tale& more. Also, you will love the interface of the website as it is beautifully designed.

  • Anime Planet 

Another fantastic site to enjoy free cartoons online is Anime Planet. You only need to tap the name of the anime you want to watch to get started and to view a summary of the anime or cartoons, as they are all listed alphabetically on the home page.

  • WCO

The user interface of WCO is extremely peculiar. But if you look past that, you’ll discover a reliable website where you can access some of the most recent animated content for no cost. The show’s website features the most recent content from Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and more. You can watch cartoons online without any disturbance.

  • Crunchyroll

One of the most well-known and often-used websites for watching anime is Crunchyroll. One might even contend that it is to blame for the mainstreaming of anime in western society. Many fantastic anime shows, both recent and classic.

  • WB Kids Go

The website is a great resource for finding new and classic cartoons, reading comic books based on your favourite shows, playing online games, and downloading family-friendly material. The platform only includes programes that are suitable for young children.


Our list of the best websites to watch cartoons online for free is now complete! Enjoy reliving your happy childhood memories right now!

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