Swim Workouts calorie burning

Swim Workouts calorie burning

Swimming is considered an exercise similar to cycling but better. Either of them requires full-body movement.

It is nothing new about the fact that we all tally the calories we gain and put off.

Today we will discuss calorie burning through swimming.

There are hardly any doubts that swimming is one of the best aquatic exercises. Being a non-impact sport, it focuses on motor skills and physical functions and areas like legs, knees, back, etc.

It is also a fabulous choice for people suffering from injury and looking for an exercise to improve physical function as well as fitness.

Now, if we discuss how much does swimming can help in calorie burning.

There are multiple though, like your weight, the metabolism of the person trying to lose calories, the diet they have been following, and the switches made in the same.

Also, the amount of calories burnt depends on how much you weigh it. A typical norm is that the more your weight is, the higher calories you burn.

On the contrary, calculations of metabolism vary irrespective of weight and it makes it hard to calculate it for every individual.

On the website nutristratedy.com, research was conducted in the American College of Sports Medicine and the data was revealed on the website.

These researches were not based on how much distance is covered, rather on a fixed period of the swimming session. So varying on the weight, the number of calories to be burnt.

Swim Workouts for weight loss 

Here are some pointers.

  • A person weighing 58 kg may burn 413 calories during a slow swim and 590 calories during a swimming fast.
  • A person weighing 70 kg may burn 493 calories during a slow swim and 704 calories during a swimming fast.
  • A person weighing 81 kg may burn 572 calories during a slow swim and 817 calories during a swimming fast.
  • A person weighing 92 kg may burn 651 calories during a slow swim and 931 calories during a swimming fast.

The swimming session in the above observations was freestyle and the duration was one hour.

However, freestyle does not need to be presenting these estimates.

Even Backstroke will release the same amount of calories doing a slower freestyle swimming as mentioned in Nutristrategy.

Breaststroke swimming for up to an hour will give off the same results as a fast freestyle swimming workout.

In very specific cases, swimming an hour of butterfly can burn up to 1024 calories for a 92 kg person and 649 calories for a 58 kg individual.

Swim Workouts to lose weight Comparison to other sports:

Of all the activities mentioned on the website of Nutristrategy, it is the cross-country skiing uphill that is the champion in burning the most calories.

Of course, these activities are not achievable by the regular population, but keeping the most endurance sport in mind, swimming holds its importance.

Let us see how swimming competes with land exercises like cycling and running.


A speed of 15km/h cycling per hour will burn anywhere from 590-931 calories determined by the weight of the individual. This is comparable to the fourth pointer of the slow and fast swimming based on weight.


An hour of running at the speed of 14km/ h will cut calories from 649 to 1035 which will depend on the weight of one’s body.

The most you pace up the speed the more calories you will end up burning. This is also another reason why any form of cardio and running is believed to be one of the best enduring sports when speaking of weight loss.

Also, this can be compared to the number of calories burning through the butterfly strokes.

Conclusion on Swim Workouts calorie burning 

There are hardly any second thoughts about swimming being the right kind of exercise that will not put pressure on your joints.

It makes it favorable for any age group and even for people who may be suffering from any injury like arthritis, sclerosis, Spinal cord injury, etc.

The resistance in the water helps in burning fat and calories quicker with less impact compared to land exercises. As a final cry, it is not wrong to say that swimming is a great workout and the right choice for getting desired results.

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