Dental Emergency – Are you facing a alone?

Dental Emergency
Dental Emergency

Don’t panic, and call our emergency dentist in Wimbledon

Any unexpected dental injury should be taken seriously and treated immediately.

Due to the sensitive chemical balance of your mouth, a superficial injury can cause a chain reaction of infections in your gums and teeth.

If not addressed immediately, you could be looking at persistent dental health issues for a while.

While an emergency visit may be costly, ignoring the issue might mean that you will have to spend more on an extensive treatment later on.

Sometimes dental emergencies happen without any noticeable signs, while on other occasions you may have ignored before, that has now turned into a severe issue.

If you have been in an accident, you may be disoriented and forget to address the point in time.

Like medical emergencies, injuries in your teeth and gum should be addressed in the same manner.

For medical damages, you can choose to head straight to the emergency room or wait and deal with the immediate repercussions and set an appointment with a specialist later to remedy your problem thoroughly.

In injuries related to your teeth, it’s easier to determine whether immediate dental care is required.

For example, a simple crack in your tooth doesn’t need urgent care, and you can wait until an appointment is set for dental work.

But if it’s a more serious issue, like a tooth that is nearly loose out of its socket, it’s time to call an emergency dentist Wimbledon.

What should I do if I cut my gums or tongue?

Most abrasions on your gums or tongue can heal themselves pretty quickly, although the initial bleeding might make it seem a lot worse than it is.

The same applies to your tongue, so if there is a small cut in your mouth, relax and let it bleed a bit, and rinse your mouth.

Unless the cut is large and requires stitches, you don’t need to go to the dentist at all.

If your gums are burning or are irritated, you can use an ice bag from the fridge and gently put it against your cheek. But if the bleeding or the pain doesn’t stop, you should call your dentist for immediate care.

You can use mouthwash or salt water to disinfect the gums, although it might sting your gums a bit.

If the bleeding gets annoying, but isn’t severe, use gauze and press against the gums to stop the bleeding. If the bleeding gets worse after a few minutes, the cut might be too deep to heal on its own.

Swelling and Soreness

Severe infection in your gums, near the root or between them, is called an abscess. It’s the type of infection that can quickly spread to other parts of your mouth, and even be spread through your body and affect other organs.

You can easily detect an abscess by the sheer pain it causes in your gums, but if you don’t feel any pain yet, but still see a pimple-like protrusion in your gums, It’s time for an emergency visit to the doctor.

You might want to wash your mouth and gums before going to the dentist to get rid of the bad smell. It will also relieve your pain, but only temporarily.

I lost my fillings, should I go to the dentist now?

If you have been in an accident or got punched in the face and your filling popped out, you need to fill the cavity immediately, or your teeth could collapse.

Before going to the dentist, find some sugar-free gum to help fill the empty space, or use dental cement that can be purchased from drug stores.

If your crown has fallen or was pulled out somehow, you can’t delay going to the doctor for too long either. You may need to apply a soothing cream since the pain might be unbearable sometimes.

You should also bring the detached crown to your dentist, although it’s usually not put back in, and simply used for reference.

In some cases, dental cement is used to fortify the root until a replacement crown can be installed again. Do not use home remedies to put your crown back in place.

Can metal braces or wires cause a dental emergency?

Accidents happen, and when you have metal braces or wires in your mouth, the ensuing pressure could cause a lot of pain in your jaw and gums.

If your wires break under pressure, the broken parts could get stuck in your gums and make for a very painful dental implant.

This is a serious emergency, and can’t be put off until the next appointment. The risk of metal cutting your gums or tongue, or worse getting stuck in your throat is no joke.


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