7 Best Strategies to Help You Win at Solitaire


Solitaire is one of the classic card games that most people love to play. But still, it is not easy to win. There are some rules to playing Solitaire that the player must follow to win most games efficiently.

If you are new to solitaire then these strategies are important for you to know. Learn them quickly and enhance your winning probability. So let’s dive into the article, without spending further moments. 

7 Strategies to Win at Solitaire

Have a look at the following best strategies to win almost every game of solitaire.

  • Learn the Objective of Solitaire

The game contains a single deck of 52 cards that are divided into 2 colors and 4 groups. The basic objective of Solitaire is to put the cards in the Foundation in a sequence from Ace to King.

  • Study Basics

It is best to know the basic rules before starting to play solitaire. The best source to learn these rules is the How to Play guide in the game app you download. 

To learn the basics, go to the game Settings and click on How to Play. In this section, you will see the guide that will help you to play and win a solitaire game.  

  • Learn to Move Tableau Cards

Most solitaire versions use some color cards while some use 2 color cards (Black and Red). You can move the cards from one pile to another in descending order. By moving the cards from the pile you can reveal the hidden cards and complete the sequences. Remember you can only place cards in alternate color order.

  • Plan a Strategy

You are wrong if you think you can win solitaire by randomly moving the cards. To win the game, you need to make a proper strategy. To do so you can read the tips online or can take help from professionals. 

  • Avoid Randomly Moving the Cards

If you move the cards randomly then you will mess up the whole situation. It will become difficult for you to solve the deck combination and win. So avoid moving the unnecessary cards and enhance your chances to win. 

  • Fill the Space with Kings

Sequences are made in Tableau from King to Ace. There are 7 piles in the Solitaire and you need to free up at least 4 piles to place King from each suit at the start. In this way, you can easily make the sequences and organize the cards.

  • Move from Right to Left

The right-most pile has the most cards. So start your game with this pile. By doing this, you can reveal the most hidden cards and arrange the sequences. Make sure to move the card from the largest pile to the short pile to make space for King.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

These 7 tips will help you to understand Solitaire and how you can win most of its games. If you are a beginner then follow each tip at a time. But if you are an expert then make sure to follow all of them at a time and enhance your level.    


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