5 Strongest Reasons to keep our kids away from Technology


Our lives are too busy to keep ourselves engaged with high-products from a tablet device that assists our daily work to a smartwatch on our wrist that measures our health conditions.

But the inconvenient truth is that most high-level executives from hi-tech firms keep their children to stay away from technology as far as possible.

The reasons can vary as different people see technology from different perspectives, but they are mainly linked with personal development, health issues, and social reasons.


Research shows that humans are not as good at multitasking as we think–tackling tasks one by one can be more efficient than multitasking.

The philosophy behind the usage of technology is to increase productivity by integrating functions that help us tackle everyday issues all at once.

The design of technology requires the users to understand how it works before it can be utilized to facilitate our work.

This is the point that is hard for children to manage–they tend to understand the technical part about how it works rather than why it works this way.

Time management

Kids are quick learners at the early stage because their brain structures change rapidly to adapt to the environment.

Different fields like language, sports, and music are what they can master within a very short time while helping their physical and mental development, yet it takes lots of time for kids to use technology because it is an integrated product.

As can be seen from the adult world, people tend to fail to manage their time because they lose a sense of time management when technology becomes a consumption of time instead of a tool that increases productivity.

If the same situation occurs to the kids, it is more harmful because kids tend to be less self-disciplined in general.

Addiction of technology

The lack of time management also implies that kids will be addicted to technology.

The problem of getting addicted to technological products is that it is too common to see people in everyday life keep staring at their technological devices without being considered as this is a kind of “addiction”.

The consequence of letting kids get addicted to technology is severe.

It will monopolize the children’s daily lives because they will be unable to think of anything else except playing with the hi-tech products as a big part of their lives.

Potential eye problems

The longer time the kids use technological products, the more likely they will develop sight problems like short-sightedness.

It is mainly caused by staring at objects at a short distance for a long time.

Development of social skills

The more fundamental problem is the nature of life. Kids are supposed to socialise with their peers to develop social skills when they start exploring the world.

Social skills are essential for them to be independent of their parents who are the primary source of socialisation.

To sum up, teaching kids to use technology is no harm to them. However, it is essential to develop the basic skills for the kids in order to let them manage more sophisticated things like managing technologies without getting addicted.


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