Low maintenance indoor plants

7 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants with Multiple Benefits

Our lifestyle has been changed drastically due to our busy schedule, fast-paced city life, overgrowing population, pollution, industrialization, and revolution of technology.

We see concrete jungles rather than green fields around us. We have been somehow pushed ourselves away from a touch of pure nature.

But if we seek some fresh natural air in our concrete buildings, we can bring it through indoor plants.

There are some Low Maintenance Indoor Plants that not only add a lot of beauty to our homes but will give us pollutant-free air that we desperately need these days.

If you too want to add natural air purifiers to your home garden in a balcony or home decor, then buy them from nearby nurseries or even online from popular flower and gift retailers.

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

If you are a beginner in gardening, then you must be searching for some plants that will need comparatively less attention and care.

Even if you run short of time due to your busy schedule, and can’t afford to take out time for your home garden, then there are some plants that need very little maintenance.

Pothos or Money Plant

The botanical name of this plant is Epipremnumaureum, also known as Pothos, Devil’s eye, and Silver Vine.

This plant is bought and kept at almost everyone’s home. The money plant is an all-rounder among indoor plants.

It is believed to be lucky when kept and grown at home, brings happiness and wealth, enhances home decor, needs less maintenance, and is famous as a very good air purifier.

Keep this plant in a place with indirect sunlight. There are variants of this plant available in our store.

Buy a money plant to keep at your home or gift it to your loved ones and let them have purified air and loads of good luck.


Syngonium is the most loved indoor plant. It can grow very fast and needs minimum care. It requires moist soil, not much watering.

Place this plant at a corner in your home with indirect sunlight, and watch it grow within a few days.

Buy varieties of Syngonium plants along with beautiful pots from the store and enjoy some fresh air at your home.

Snake Plant

A Snake plant is a must-buy for those who need air purification at home with less or no experience in gardening.

Place this plant anywhere at home, with very little intensity of sunlight, and avoid watering much. This plant grows fast and adds an elegant look to the place.

You can keep it in your study room, living area, or even in a corner of your bedroom. Buy Snake plants from our website and get beautiful pots along with them.

Erica Palm

This lush green leafy plant is an attractive piece of home decor. It is a natural air purifier that can add to a lot of beauty and refreshing aura to your home.

Once you place it in a corner, you don’t even need to think about it much as it needs infrequent watering and indirect sunlight.

It comes in many sizes, tall, short, or medium. You can buy the plant according to your choice and theme of home décor.

Peace Lily

Very easy to grow, a Peace Lily tops the list of air-purifying plants. It’s also been proven by NASA that peace lily can remove hazardous chemicals like benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde.

This is an evergreen flowering plant that requires no maintenance at all. It needs very less sunlight and can be used as a groundcover in shady areas.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known for its multiple medicinal benefits. It requires very little maintenance for growth and can be kept in your balcony or a corner with direct sunlight. It can grow in a dry atmosphere as well.


Herbs can be grown easily at home which adds a soothing fragrance to your home. They also have many medicinal values that can be eaten. Herbs require just watering and nothing else.


These are some Low Maintenance Indoor Plants, for the home (bedroom, guest room, or hall) and office with lots of benefits. Hope you will bring one or more plants to mention above to clean the air in your home.


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